Wednesday, November 30, 2005


" a phantasmagoria which a person enters in order to be distracted." -Walter Benjamn (Arcades Project)


a few reasons-

I wonder who will stumble upon this? It's akin to throwing a bottle into the sea and hoping it will land on some shore, the note within, read.

Or, a forum to spew forth details of my otherwise anonymous life.

Or, a place to motivate myself to write a paragraph -or even a sentenceevery few days. Yes, let others write short stories, poems, or essays and the like- but if I can eek out a sentence once in awhile- perhaps I can feel some sort of accomplishment.

Along these lines, I was actually inspired by a review of a band I heard on NPR. This band is known for doing covers of obscure early rock songs. I thought, what a great idea! instead of adding new, crappy songs to the already bulging cultural debris pile, why not find some forgotton gems and bring them backup to be discovered. I then wondered if I could do that with texts. Find great paragraphs and sentences and try to bring them up to be possibly "found".